Summer Music Classes

See Summer Programs for in-person music camps, workshops and intensives.

Online Piano Classes

All online classes include weekly live instruction over zoom with a Coast Music instructor and unlimited access to the corresponding online course. Students spend as much time as they need viewing the demonstrations in the course lessons, and they have all the resources at their fingertips. They will meet with the class instructor and 3-4 other students weekly to play for the instructor and to make adjustments as needed.

This summer we are offering:

  • Introduction to Piano Part 2 (8 weeks)

We will start 15-week accredited and non-accredited courses this fall including:

  • Introduction to Piano Part (15 weeks)
  • Essential Piano For Developing Musicians¬† (15 weeks)
  • Pop/Rock Bands (15 weeks)
  • Jazz Band (15 weeks)
  • Vocal Ensembles (15 weeks)
  • AP Music Theory Semester 1 (15 weeks)

Registration for fall programs will open in July.

8-Week Summer Classes

The following online classes meet once a week. Please visit our Summer Programs page for our 5-Day Summer Music Camps, Workshops and Intensives.

Introduction to Piano (Part 2):

(8-week course)

Prerequisites: Introduction to Piano Part 1 or equivalent. Students should be able to:

  • Identify basic staff elements, signs and symbols
  • Sight read simple melodies on the Grand Staff using basic 5-finger positions
  • Sight read simple rhythms in 4/4 and 3/4 time
  • Play simple melodies with hands together

Description: Students will reinforce what they learned in Introduction to Piano Course Part 1. This class focuses on fluency and development at this introductory level!This class includes Coast Music’s Introduction to Piano online course with a weekly zoom meetings with the course instructor. Students will:

Get to Know the Piano on a Deeper Level

  • Increasing Familiarity With The Instrument
  • Establishing Fluency with Note Groups
  • Exploring Various Ranges and Octaves

Expand Their Range on the Staff and Piano

  • Identifying More Notes with Increased Speed and Fluency
  • Observing Note Direction, Stepwise Motion and Intervals with More Ease
  • Establishing Fluency with Targeted Note Groups

Sight Read and Select Repertoire

  • More Developed Reading on the Grand Staff
  • Increased Fluency in Sight Reading at this Level
  • Selecting and Performing Repertoire at this Level

Develop Improvisation & Composition Skills

  • More Improvisation Using More Key Centers
  • Creating Melodies and Composing Freely

Required Materials: Piano or Electronic Keyboard, Computer with Webcam for Online Courses and Class Meetings and Flash Cards

Tuition: $300 (includes weekly instruction and unlimited access to the Introduction to Piano online course)

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In-Person Classes

We currently offer in-person band and summer programs. Weekly in-person classes will resume in Fall 2021.