Spring Bands and Piano Classes

(Choir returns September 2021)

In-Person Bands Are Back!!

A large part of our community impact is due to our incredible band program! Please contact Marti Harris at martivoice@gmail.com if you are interested in participating in our band program.

We are taking every precaution to make sure our students and staff are safe. Students rehearse in an individual work stations inside our large, 500- square-foot rehearsal space. We require all students to wait outside until we have cleared and sanitized all surfaces. Participants come in one by one, wash hands, take temperature and go to their rehearsal station. No students or staff are permitted to attend rehearsal if they are ill or have the potential of being exposed to Covid-19 within the last 2 weeks. They will instead have the ability to attend the rehearsal via zoom, and they can play along with the instructor who will be covering their part in the rehearsal.

If you are interested in joining one of our online bands, call our band director Marti Harris at 310-920-5797 or email martivoice@gmail.com to check on current availability and opportunities to audition.

Coast Music Online Bands:

Coast Music Live Band Performances:

Spring Piano Classes

All online classes include weekly instruction over zoom with a Coast Music instructor and unlimited access to the corresponding online course. Students spend as much time as they need viewing the demonstrations in the course lessons, and they have all the resources at their fingertips. They will meet with the class instructor and 3-4 other students weekly to play for the instructor and to make adjustments as needed.

This spring we are offering two piano/theory classes:

  • Introduction to Piano Part 1 (7 weeks)
  • Essential Piano For Developing Musicians 1A (7 weeks)

The follow-up, 8-week courses will be offered this summer. More information can be found on our Music Classes page.

Introduction to Piano Part 1:

Prerequisites: None

Description: This class includes Coast Music’s Introduction to Piano online course with a weekly zoom meetings with the course instructor. We cover topics such as:

Getting to Know the Piano Keyboard

  • Establishing Familiarity with the Instrument
  • Establishing Fluency with Note Groups
  • Exploring Various Ranges and Octaves

Getting to Know the Musical Staff

  • Learning Basic Signs & Symbols
  • Getting to Know all the Elements of the Musical Staff
  • Learning How Music is Written

Learning the Notes on the Staff

  • Exploring the Musical Alphabet
  • Identifying Notes on the Staff
  • Finding the Notes on the Piano
  • Observing Note Direction
  • Stepwise Motion and Intervals
  • Establishing Fluency with Targeted Note Groups

Sight Reading

  • Note Reading on Treble and Bass Clef Staves
  • Sight Reading on the Grand Staff
  • Developing Fluency in Specific Note Groups

Improvisation & Composition

  • Improvising Using Specific Note Groups
  • Creating melodies and Composing Freely
  • Improvising with Background Tracks

Required Materials: Piano or Electronic Keyboard, Computer with Webcam for Online Courses and Class Meetings and Flash Cards

Tuition: $265 (includes weekly instruction and unlimited access to the Introduction to Piano online course)

Essential Piano For Developing Musicians 1A:

Prerequisites: This is not a beginning piano class. We recommend 1-2 years of consistent piano or music study before taking this course. It is also recommended that students complete our Introduction to Piano course before enrolling in this class. Please contact us if you need help determining whether or not this class is for you.

Description: This class includes our Essential Piano for Developing Musicians online course with a weekly zoom meeting with the course instructor. This scales and chords course is essential for all musicians, not just pianists. We cover:

  • Essential Music Theory
  • Essential Piano Technique
  • Major and Minor 5-Finger Patterns
  • Major Scales and Fingerings
  • Triads and Inversions
  • Application to Repertoire
  • Sight Reading
  • Improvisation
  • Playing By Ear
  • Repertoire Selection
  • Various Applications in Composition and More!

Required Materials: Piano or Electronic Keyboard, Computer with Webcam for Online Courses and Class Meetings, Flash Cards, Julie McIntosh Johnson’s “Basics of Keyboard Theory” Book 1 and the Repertoire Book(s) if your choice.

Tuition: $275 (includes weekly instruction and unlimited access to the Essential Piano For Developing Musicians 1 Course)

More details and registration can be found on our:

Music Classes Page