10) Be Prepared

Music is one of the most competitive fields, and singers are a dime a dozen. Take your training seriously, so you stand out in the crowd. Make sure you are in top vocal condition through regular, consistent coaching and practice. Your preparedness and confidence will ensure that you make a great first impression.

9) Choose a Song That Is Unique and Not Overdone

Reality TV judges hear the same songs over and over and tend to tune out when they hear the same songs on repeat.  Stay away from the currently overplayed Billboard hit, and avoid classics such as At Last and Ain’t No Sunshine.  Choose a song that will capture the judges’ curiosity and interest.

8) Get To the Best Part of Your Song Fast

First round reality TV auditions are short.  Make sure you can build to the climactic part of the song and impress within 30 seconds by eliminating repetitive sections. Use your full dynamic range and ramp up to the bridge and chorus as soon as possible.

7) Make Sure You Start In the Right Key

There is nothing worse than getting to your big high note and finding that it is clearly out of your range:

We recommend using a pitch pipe or a reference recording of the first few notes of your song ensure you are in the right key.

6) Dress to Impress

The judges are hoping to find someone with more than just a great voice.  They are looking for unique artists who are visually appealing who have a unique style.

5) Avoid Unnecessary Riffing

Most singers feel like they need to sing a bunch of fast runs to impress judges.   In fact, if you can’t riff extraordinarily well, then we recommend you don’t riff at all.  Sloppy runs are dead giveaway to musical limitations, and riffing often takes away from a great melody and lyrics.  It’s better to honor a song and sing it with great phrasing and emotion. This will garner the judges’ respect for you as an artist more than anything.

4) Choose a Song That Fits You and Your Voice

Don’t attempt to sing a song that exposes your weaknesses.  Consider what you love to sing and what you sound good singing.  Choose a song you know you can nail in a style that you suits you.

3) Be Sure You Are Ready to Sing When You Are Called

Reality show auditions often require hours of waiting for your moment to sing. Make sure you stay hydrated, warmed up and ready to sing. Avoid tiring your voice by talking to others and partying in line.

2) No Excuses

The judges don’t care if you are sick, vocally injured, have acid reflux, etc. Don’t waste their time.  You won’t get their sympathy.  They hear excuses all day. Just sing like it’s the best day of your life.

1) Be Entertaining

Don’t forget that this is the entertainment business, and you can’t bank on your voice alone. Make sure you do all you can to be interesting, especially if you are not an exceptional singer.  Be unique, and remember that you are dealing with human emotions, perceptions and psychology.  Choose your audience and deliver whatever it is that makes you special whether it’s your voice, humor, looks or eccentric style, etc.  The possibilities are endless!