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Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys

Call Me – Blondie

Just – Radiohead

After the Storm – Kali Uchis

One more rehearsal! Make sure you’re good with In The Meantime. Remember – after the bridge, we’re doing one regular chorus, straight into more chorus for Mark’s solo, and then we go into the chorus hits twice to end the song.

Brianstorm (Am) Form

Use link below for transposed track of Brianstorm in the key of Ami (up 4 semitones):

Just Form

Tuned version of “Just” for practice


Hey Akshay! Here’s a super helpful video tutorial I found for “Just”. There are some parts that Ava will be playing though, and others that Mark will be playing so check out these instructions carefully. I am referring here to the sections as broken down in the YouTube video and time stamps on the video – You are only playing lead on the intro, the part starting at 0:10. On verse 1 you are only playing the lead line starting at 0:48 with the Am chord. Mark will play the other lead lines and Ava the rhythm guitar. You will play Chorus 1 exactly as shown in the video. On verse 2, you’ll strum the Am chord and the Ab chord as shows in the video, and then the lead line from verse 1 again. You will play the solo (lead) as shown in the video, and nothing on the bridge except for the distorted chords starting at 2:51. At 2:57, you will just play as if it were the beginning of a chorus. Mark and Ava will duet the lead lines on the bridge. For the last chorus, unless you have a whammy pedal, you will just repeat the two octave lead line. For the ending, Ava will play rhythm, so you will come in with the C7(#9) at 3:56 and play through the end. Remember all these time stamps are from the video below!!




Hey Beck! Try and tighten up that transition in After the Storm out of the rap verse, having that rest on the & of 4 can make the following chorus punch way harder, and start shedding Just.