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Jeff Findley

Jeff Findley

Guitar | Bass

Jeff J Findley began studying the guitar at age fourteen in the great north woods of Michigan,  and has learned from incredible instructors since day one. In 1994, he graduated from M.I. in Hollywood at the top of his class, and he has since graduated cum laude from California State Northridge with a BM in Composition. In addition to the rich palette of skills he possesses as a guitarist, he is also adept at a wide array of other instruments, having performed nearly all of the parts on the recordings of his original compositions which have appeared in dozens of films and on stage.  Jeff is a rare instructor with a gift for motivating and inspiring his students. People of all ages benefit from his passion for music, ranging from rock to Bach and beyond. He is loved by his students for sharing his ever-widening knowledge of music, and for being a fun teacher who mixes deep substance with creativity, humor, and patience.

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