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Coast Music recently moved to Manhattan Beach, and we are so excited to announce this Grand Opening event!

This weekend will feature performances by 16 bands, free 15-minute consultations, prizes and more!!

The in-house band showcase in our brand new Band Performance Room! Band participants will soon receive an email from our band program director, Marti, who will check in on your band’s availability to play at this great event!

This is a workshop-style performance. Each band will reserve a one-hour time slot. Family and friends can attend. Each band will play a 15-30 minute set. Following the set, the band will discuss what worked, what didn’t, and what they’d like to bring to their next performance. Coast Music faculty will provide some feedback, and we will welcome audience participation in the discussion as well. We will provide positive and honest coaching, and each band can elect to play one of their songs again after the discussion.

We will post each day’s lineup on this page once it is confirmed. We hope to have a draft by October 25th and the accurate schedule done by November 6th.

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