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Coast Music recently moved to Manhattan Beach, and we are so excited to announce this Grand Opening event!

This weekend will feature performances by 16 bands, auditions, free 15-minute consultations, prizes and more!!

Here is the performance lineup:

Saturday, November 13

11:00-11:45am   Strictly Business

11:45am-12:30pm   No Bass

12:30-1:00pm   Auditions and Consultations

1:00-1:15pm   Coast Music Voice Class Performance

1:15-2:00pm   Auditions and Consultations

2:00-2:45pm     The Stars

2:45-3:15pm      Friday

3:15-4:00pm      Exit Sign

4:00-4:30pm     Raging Monkeys

4:30-5:00pm      The Walking Birds


Sunday, November 14

11:00-11:45am       Auditions and Consultations

11:45am-12:30pm   Better Late Than Never

12:30-1:15pm           Monday 5:45pm

1:15-2:00pm            TVMA

2:00-2:30pm            Stop the Cap

2:30pm-3:00pm     South Bay Gold

3:00-3:45pm          Thunder Sisters

3:45-4:30pm         Jurassic Narc

4:30-5:00pm         The Outtakes


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