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Song List:

Midnight Memories (One Direction)

Kilby Girl (The Backseat Lovers)

Treacherous (Taylor Swift)

Click link below for the transposed track to Midnight Memories.  We are playing it in F# (Up a whole step).

Click link below for transposed track of Kilby Girl:


In trying to get Midnight Memories lick under your fingers, try to find a way to “loop the lick”  I would try to play the hard part of the lick in a constant pattern to a metronome, just cycling it over an over.  Super tough part, but you can totally get it!


Pay special attention to the Prechorus rhythm strum to midnight memories.  It’s easier if you remember that right hand never stops moving, even though you dont strum every time you pass the strings


Practice moving your power chords on the guitar. A couple of your songs are power chord heavy.  The magic of that shape is it is pretty much always the same, its just where you place it.  You will be well served just practicing moving that one shape around the fretboard


During The stops on Kilby girl, make sure to keep time on the hi hats to keep us together


Winter/Spring 2023 Band Session – Important Dates:

January 9th First day of the Winter/Spring 2023 band session
January 16 MLK Day – NO BAND
February 20-24 Winter Break – NO BAND
March 18/19 Band Performance Workshop
April 3-14 Spring Break – NO BAND
May 29 Memorial Day – NO BAND
June 4 Band Showcase and last day of the Winter/Spring 2023 band session

Band Showcase

June 4 @ 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

June Student Recital

June 10 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm