Dan Meyer

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Guitar |Bass | Composition | Songwriting |Theory

Dan Meyer is a passionate and dedicated artist with more than 20 years of musical experience. As a composer, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist he has worked in genres including indie-rock, metal, free-jazz, classical, and experimental music. He studied composition and music theory with Grammy Award winning composers at Bard College and McGill University where he was an award-winning student before moving to Los Angeles to join the thriving music scene here. In addition to his studies, he has been an important member of musical communities in Los Angeles, Montreal and New York, playing dozens of bands, conducting classical ensembles and organizing concerts and festivals. Dan is currently working on the two records – an EP of atmospheric indie rock and the debut album by his black metal band Agriculture. Additionally, he is an active member of the experimental music scene in LA, constantly improvising and performing with different artists.

Dan absolutely loves teaching, and is always excited to be a part of someone’s musical journey!

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