Covid-19 Safety Policies and Procedures for In-Person Summer Programs

Your safety is our priority! Here are some of things we are doing to make sure we all stay safe and healthy this summer:

  • Maximum enrollment: 12-16 participants per program depending on the program
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Regular hand washing and sanitization
  • Masks must be worn inside
  • Band singers may only remove masks when behind our 6 ft. plexiglass wall
  • Option to zoom in for a rehearsal if anyone is at risk
  • All meals and crafts will be in our outdoor space (designated area in parking lot)
  • All group singing will be outdoors (in designated area in lot or greenbelt)
  • Participants will be divided into 2-3 (4-6 person groups) for rehearsals
  • Band rehearsals will be in our 3 largest rooms to ensure 6+ distance between each participant
  • All teaching staff is fully vaccinated
  • All surfaces are sanitized after each use
  • All shared equipment is sanitized after each use
  • Singers are encouraged to bring their own microphones. We can provide sanitized mics for the day upon request.