Like many of our students, Salem has a dream. A dream to be a performer, a singer, a musician, a dancer, an actor… all of those and more. Early on, she and her parents realized her drive and devotion and at 5 years old, enrolled her in private guitar lessons at Coast Music with Molly Miller and David Stark. Then she started voice lessons here with Reesa Ishiyama. And piano lessons with David Nunez. She joined the Coast Music band “The Illusions’ and the choir. This amazing little girl, who in addition to getting great grades, is also learning Chinese.

And now, all of this hard work and practice has given Salem her first big break.

Salem is a featured performer in a new Disney Channel video ‘Dream Big, Princess’, whose theme of ‘for every girl with a dream, there’s a Disney Princess’. (Not only that, her friend and fellow Coast Music student Gabby is also in the Disney Channel video!)

It’s that dream, that exciting possibility of what’s possible for a young girl today that has made Salem a shining example of how Coast Music can help nurture and develop talent. Our faculty of working professional musicians have the experience to give our students the insights on real world performances, how to prepare for them and how to be the best ‘you’ that you can be.

Congratulations Salem – we can only dream of where you will go after this!