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Here is the full video of Plush from 1/22/24 rehearsal:

Plush performance 2/26

There may have been one or two minor “clunkers” in that full run-through so I trimmed a clip that sounded more tight. Considering it was only the second rehearsal the band sounded damn good! Here is the clip that was submitted for Hermosapalooza:


Song List:

Plush – Stone Temple Pilots

Homesick – The Marcus King Band

White Wedding – Billy Idol


I LOVED the direction you were going with plush.  This piano/vocal sheet will be an awesome resource, I think, that is very much the lane you were in. Try it as a launching pad


The biggest thing to consider for your part is being super locked with the drums.  When practicing to the track, make sure your right hand isn’t falling behind at all.  Even though the song has a kind of “lazy” feeling snare, you definitely want be hitting the envelope of your note at the very front of the beat.


For me, the thing that makes this song such a HUGE sound is in the secret of the placement of the backbeat.  The reason the snare sounds so immense is where it is on the beat.  If we can lock that snare in, the band will melt so much face… All the of the face melting.




Here is a video to give you some ideas of how to improvise a bit at the end of Homesick to add energy and interaction with the band.

January-June 2024 Band Session – Important Dates:

March 16th &17th
In-house Performance Workshop Weekend
(specific performance time to be announced)

Sunday, June 2nd
Band Showcase
(Location and specific performance time to be announced)

NO REHEARSAL Monday, January 15, MLK Day

NO REHEARSAL February 19-23, Ski Week

NO REHEARSAL April 1-12, Spring Break

NO REHEARSAL Monday, May 27, Memorial Day

Coast Music 20th Anniversary Celebration

September 21 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm