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Jamey Schrick

Jamey Schrick

Voice | Guitar | Trumpet

Jamey Schrick has been a professional singer and actor for over two decades. He offers a unique skill set, combining expertise in sight-singing and music theory with classical training as a triple-threat entertainer and multi-instrumentalist. After earning a BFA in Musical Theater from Millikin University, he starred in shows around the country before coming to LA. He currently tours the world with the award-winning Four Seasons tribute act Walk Like a Man and the doo-wop group The MoonRays, who were featured on an episode of The League. He is the tenor section leader for the Choir at St. Matthew’s Pacific Palisades, lead singer and trumpet for the Mortified After School Orchestra, bass for the vocal jazz quintet Storeytime, and baritone for The Silver Lake Chorus. He loves helping artists (both young and not-as-young) learn how to express themselves through music!

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