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Registration for the December 13th Recital is now closed.

All performances will be streamed live to the Coast Music Facebook page on Sunday, December 13th from 12pm-5:30pm.


Streaming From Coast Music Participant Instructions

Family may attend your performance, but all will need to arrive with the performer and leave right after the performer is finished with their individual performance. Everyone must wear a mask except performers while they are performing. We will be sure to place the audience members at least 15 feet away from the performer, even though they will be from the same household.

Your sign-up time includes your arrival time, performance time and exit time. You can anticipate performing about 5 minutes after your arrival. Your performance time will be no longer than 5 minutes including introductions and transitions, and you will leave after you are finished performing, so we can sanitize the space and get ready for the next performer.

We have received all your equipment and sanitization requests, and will be ready for you as soon as you walk in the room. You will have 3-5 minutes to go over the music with the accompanist.

The $50 non-refundable fee will covers the accompanist, use of PA system, piano, amps, lighting, and streaming video using our 4K streaming camera.

Streaming From Home Participant Instructions

You should have received an email from us with the zoom login and additional instructions. Please call or text 310-213-5299 if you haven’t received this information.

This zoom link is for performers only. Please make sure you don’t share this link with others, because it can be difficult dealing with a large group of attendees. Your family and friends can watch the recital on the Coast Music Facebook page:
Just make sure their audio is not playing within earshot of you, since the delay can be quite distracting.
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