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Registration for the Saturday June 6th Recital is now open!

We are super excited to announce our first in-person recital in over one year! This recital will at the The Point in El Segundo! Performers will be set up next to the fountain facing the grass. Families and friend can bring chairs and blankets to setup and watch. There are many amazing restaurants to order from, and we know our students are going to love performing at this beautiful, outdoor venue!

There is a 7 minute time limit for each performer, so performers can perform 2 short pieces. All performers needing accompaniment must purchase the accompanist add on. The accompanist fee is $20 per performer.  Students may discuss tempos and form with the accompanist before the recital begins, but there won’t be time to a full rehearsal of all songs.


We will be hiring a professional videographer to film this event, and you can purchase edited video directly from him.

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