Wow – check out Beth’s moves! Coast Music co-owner and teacher Beth Rohde is looking good and looking forward to dancing for Storeytime on September 17th at Hot Ballroom Nights! Each vote ($1 donation) is tallied, and the charity with the most votes at the end of the competition wins a large cash prize! You can vote from anywhere on the planet through this link: Donations big and small are all appreciated! Thank you so much Mary Driscoll, Matt Rohde and Jonathan Farley for being the first 3 to donate!

Beth Rohde and her dance partner Robert Porch will represent “‪#‎StoreyTime‬“, a new 501(c)3 charity created to educate and inspire families and friends of autistic‬ individuals. Help Beth get out the vote – and get your tickets for Hot Ballroom Nights, September 17th!

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