O. Cory Spurgin 1. I was born a twin!
C. Marti Harris 2. I can walk on my hands!
E. Kenton Chen 3. I can wiggle my ears! Bonus Kenton fun fact, he also sang on the soundtrack to Rogue One.
H. Dave Nunez 4. My second language is English
F. Liv Gibson 5. I’m a master at the game of Tetris!
A. Angie Deters 6. I have raced cars!
D. Beth Rohde 7. I stopped a bullet with my teeth!
B. Linda Borg 8. I raised a 6ft red-tailed Boa!
J. Bernard Bayer 9. I’ve run seven marathons!
I. David Stark 10. I was attacked by a Beach Boy! Brian Wilson put me in a headlock in the middle of performing my set
P. Jan Roper 11. I was a finalist on Survivor! Jan went through several screenings for Season 13, but ultimately was cut from the final 16!
N. Michael Gasparro 12. “I Believe I Can Fly” was the first song Michael officially recorded because he was a huge “Space Jam” fan! Bonus fact…he can also do back flips.
L. Felice Hernandez 13. Longfellow Spelling Bee winner, 1984!
M. Jamey Schrick 14. High School Student Body President!
G. Taylor Kennedy 15. I can snap loud and extremely quick!
K. Molly Miller 16. I’m the middle child out of 5 children!
R. Lindsey Harper 17. I’m a black belt in Japanese karate!
T. Jeff Findley 18. I voted for Ross Perot!
S. Steve Orinest 19. I had dinner with Black Sabbath!
Q. Matt Rohde 20. I like wearing a kitty-roo…that’s a sweatshirt with ears and a pouch for my cat!
Matt Rohde rocking his Kitty Roo sweatshirt

Matt Rohde rocking his Kitty Roo sweatshirt

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